Entry #1

Just asking

2009-03-07 08:25:52 by uldbridt

Hi Here am I again with some question that i would like to ask

I was wondering what medals are like and how i use them or something like that
and i also noticed that medal have points with them .......
what are those for ?
Ohhh and B4 I forget what are the names of the games where u can earn medals ?


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2009-03-07 09:18:21

Portal defenders. It's in the front page. Don't know what points are for though.
Medals are like achievements.

uldbridt responds:

ty ^^


2010-02-18 22:15:54

I like your profile picture...

The blue background compliments the hand sign very nicely.


2011-05-05 19:37:25

my games have 1,000s