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I was deep in to it and wanted to know the whole story, until you stopped it in the middle ;(

Plz finish it and upload the rest, btw it needles to say that I like your work. Keep up !

Raziberry responds:

Continued next episode, don't worry!
(or just go check out my YouTube)

nice animation !!

nice art and text, some voice acting would have definitely made it much better. But way to go, I am looking forward to more of content!

CuteNikeChan responds:

I agree! Thank you!

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Away to make this game more challenging is to make the world less saturated until the player visits / makes entrails a route thus bringing the colors back. But also making it that the player cannot take twice the same path. Thus ensuring it to be a more engaging game. Cause the ghost now acts as an extra layer of penalties, making the player think twice about avoiding them.

Overall I must say that it might be a fun game. I have played a pretty while though, in its current state as of 8th Nove 19

I love this game but i does not save my file when I am playing here. It also does not udate my achievements. I have beaten the scientific path though. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I can't wait to see and experience the game when it finally comes out.

davidmaletz responds:

That usually has to do with your browser settings (the game relies on browser local storage for saves - so if you are playing incognito, change browsers or clear browser history, all your saves are gone). You can export saves by going to options on the title page to manually keep track of them, or create an Aground Cloud account to sync your saves across versions/browsers.

is this also on the iphone?

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respect !

good music



............... !

reminds me of NFS Most Wanted ^^

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Thanks! Always loved that game; old ones were better in my opinion :P.

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Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno

Awesome work !!

randomdude90 responds:

You got that right. A powerful team they are.
Thank-you :)

this is the first time i vote for an art a@ NG and im glad it was yours. I like your art style, hope to see more of it onNG !!

I am Me, people define me as Me :P Most of my )(spare) time i spend on animation, games, technology, options -not chosing but take them all and movies. I study Communication and Multimedia Design at school of applied science, Hogeschool Utrecht.

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