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Away to make this game more challenging is to make the world less saturated until the player visits / makes entrails a route thus bringing the colors back. But also making it that the player cannot take twice the same path. Thus ensuring it to be a more engaging game. Cause the ghost now acts as an extra layer of penalties, making the player think twice about avoiding them.

Overall I must say that it might be a fun game. I have played a pretty while though, in its current state as of 8th Nove 19

I love this game but i does not save my file when I am playing here. It also does not udate my achievements. I have beaten the scientific path though. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I can't wait to see and experience the game when it finally comes out.

davidmaletz responds:

That usually has to do with your browser settings (the game relies on browser local storage for saves - so if you are playing incognito, change browsers or clear browser history, all your saves are gone). You can export saves by going to options on the title page to manually keep track of them, or create an Aground Cloud account to sync your saves across versions/browsers.

is this also on the iphone?

OP Nice game. I hope that you are doing oke, how are you?

fun game. I cannot believe you've made this in just 3 week.
Well done !!

All the references. And crazy fantasy options. I love it


I did not expect to be so intrigued by it. And I probably have spend way more time into
this game than I had anticipated from the beginning.

The graphics were at first sight boring and uninteresting like most low budget games are until you escape the tutorial and get into the world and start jumping. All made of squares,
I love it. The main character is cute. Interesting way to guide the player through the puzzle, when you're only to get the seven orbs.

Got them, got new clothing and beat the first ending.

Awesome game

- one more thing, the jumping mechanics of the A_space + D_space combos seems to
some what clunky to pull off. It may be because I am playing on a laptop but the seemed to stick to my head.

- also the tutorial space could use some polish. Maybe more in the way of the begin menu art style. I had almost missed this amazing because of it.

I also started to follow you. Can't wait what you will pull off next time.

MatthewSchreiner responds:

Thanks for the follow! =D
I'm glad you stayed passed the tutorial lol Have you had a chance to find the other endings?

Not bad ...

The game became sooo much easier when I've found out that I could kill them. Before that it was a task to get atleast 5 points.

Just a few things:

You can't press 'A' to restart, doesn't work
Medals show up in game but not when on the medal sreen after you reload the page

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Press "R" to restart.

awesome twist didn't see that coming!!

i have found a bug. when you are at the lockter where darnell is being held . while interacting with the lock, you can use the picture. while most of interaction with other items happen on the bg, the picture doesnt and enables Tom to move around the room. I didnt realise this until i hit the spacebar and found my self in another room. In game this can be solved by interacting with the lock again.

hope this will help

I really love your game !! It might just be me, but I miss the option to go full screen or at least make it larger.

I am Me, people define me as Me :P Most of my )(spare) time i spend on animation, games, technology, options -not chosing but take them all and movies. I study Communication and Multimedia Design at school of applied science, Hogeschool Utrecht.

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