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I was deep in to it and wanted to know the whole story, until you stopped it in the middle ;(

Plz finish it and upload the rest, btw it needles to say that I like your work. Keep up !

Raziberry responds:

Continued next episode, don't worry!
(or just go check out my YouTube)

nice animation !!

nice art and text, some voice acting would have definitely made it much better. But way to go, I am looking forward to more of content!

CuteNikeChan responds:

I agree! Thank you!

awesome !!

JellowStudios responds:

Thank you!!

just a little thing: Lego block in the background that shouldnt be moving are moving :( but other than that it is quite outstanding

OliverHickman responds:

Thank you, yeah i know that was the one thing that bugged me too sorry bout that, it was because i didn't have enough blue tac to secure all the parts down. Thank you again for constructive criticism and compliments :)

voice acting could be better, but other than that nice graphics and a little bit short

keep up the good work !!

ToonymanStudios responds:

It's a Pilot-Bit it suppose to be super fast introduction. not a normal Pilot or actual Episode. the real ones will be proper!

Please! Remember to Subscribe! here on newgrounds so you can get more Content upon there release from me. just hit that little Add to favorite Heart on top Corner.

some special effects would have been nice ! like when they smash eachother trought those wall. but keep up the good work. it looks interesting and neat ^^

gokuss4z responds:

Thanks dude!!

cool story, what did you use to draw and animate ?

at first I thought, it looks funny. After hitting the play button I was deep in to it. to bad its to short :(

Good Job, keep on making 3d animation and honing your skills !!

ShadowAnimations responds:

Thanks, im new in this animation world xD

awesome animation, good story ! didnt know what expect when I hit the start button but after i saw the animation I was hooked :D

I am Me, people define me as Me :P Most of my )(spare) time i spend on animation, games, technology, options -not chosing but take them all and movies. I study Communication and Multimedia Design at school of applied science, Hogeschool Utrecht.

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